As the only in-room travel magazines
distributed at The Ritz-Carlton
and JW Marriott properties, we have become the trusted
black-books for the uber-affluent traveler.

The Ritz-Carlton Magazine is the ultimate guide for sophisticated luxurians craving the extraordinary. Written for the global traveler who knows no bounds — every page is infused with both exquisite inspiration and action — designed to reach consumers seeking the unique and willing to pay a premium for it.

JWM speaks to an audience of travelers who seek the exceptional in every aspect of their lives. From hot-off-the-runway haute couture and holistic spa treatments to artful epicurean treats and cutting-edge technology, JWM readers are enrichment seekers who delight in the details and celebrate the culture of discovery.

With a global purview (166 countries) overlaid with
a local focus (56 cities), we reach 2.8 million consumers
who actively acquire one-of-a-kind experiences and possessions.
Pinpoint your marketing money to drive high-spending
Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott guests to your front door.